Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday 19

Today, we visited the State Opera House. Most of this is all re-done, since it was bombed in the War. 

Large, pretty center lamp

Iron curtain, to prevent the spread of potential fires. They repaint it every year with a new picture.

Subtitle Boxes. Cheaters!!!

Did you know Mozart was a Freemason? This is the  Masonic Human-Metaphor Block

I thought it was supposed to be a lantern...

We then continued our tour of Austrian Music in the cemetery...


That's a snake eating itself, and a bumblebee

Mozart's memorial, his body is in a common grave somewhere.

Johann Strauss

Austria's Presidential cemetery - there are only six or seven presidents of Austria...

this is the catholic chapel in the center - built in the style of the 1900's.

there are 999 stars, really

Riese Boese Tiere

The Danube


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  1. Finally a picture of you over there. :) Also very pretty there and the snake eating it self is some sort of rebirth thing.