Friday, July 1, 2011


Layover at the Stockholm Airport

Stockholm is literally dripping with Ikea

This is Vienna from 29000 feet
We are finally in the Stockholm airport. 

It is 8:15am here but at home it is 2:15am. The airplane was very cool because it had individual touchscreens for movies, music ans games. Of course, there were no decent FREE movies... so i literally played Tetris the entire trip. The plane even had a camera on the front and bottom of the plane... but the Atlantic ocean is really boring at nighttime.

Landing and takeoff WOULD HAVE beenthe best part... but they turn off the cameras then. Lame... Momma, I know you want me to call as soon as i get there, but Ill let you sleep until Vienna.

Btw... i bought a pepsi for 25 sek. Would someone please tell me how much that is? But good news! Reindeer pelts are on sale for only 995 sek! And if dont find better gifts in Vienna, you all are getting kaviar in a toothpaste tube... or salmon paste... or maybe that giant tuna that was on sale...