Friday, July 15, 2011

Mittwoch 13.

J Happy Record-Breaking Heat Day here in Vienna J

Today we toured the Brewery in Vienna, called Ottakringer. I was thinking, “Beer = cold, dark cellar… better than being outside or in the hot dorm. Yeah that sounds fun…”

But apparently the beer has to be something having to do with keeping the room 38.5 degrees Celsius. Nobody understood most of the tour, because at temperatures upwards of 35 degrees, all the language parts of the brain shut off – except the universal “free beer” radar, it’s ALWAYS on…

I bet it tastes bad...

It was only 10 C down here :)

Everyone else was thinking, “Where in der Hölle is this free beer I was promised???” and I, naturally, was thinking, “What a lovely conglomerate floor they have. I wonder if they’d let me drip acid all over and/or rub my teeth on it…”

They gave us coupons for four free drinks, so naturally I had a beer and three Pepsi. I had a sip of a red something made with caramel hops, but it was “generic beer taste” nasty. I liked the Johannisbeere Bier – which is 2% alcohol and 98% currant berry juice.


  1. Don't party to hard now sweety

  2. Pshh, I couldn't stand the yucky beer taste long enough to get drunk...

  3. :) thats good to hear. I love you have fun and be safe.