Friday, July 29, 2011


Blueberry ice cream = best thing ever

The moral of the course was that Vienna is the center of Europe (metaphorically and geographically)
This is the new mirroring the old. (but a lot of people just think it's out of place)

UN building

Thursday's history course centered on all the stuff in Vienna that isn't older than the dirt. Since we lived in the inner city, which has been declared a world historical site, we never really got a good look at this stuff
They are currently building a building that will be the tallest in Austria when it's done. Almost 80 stories tall. In Vienna there aren't many buildings more than 4 or 5 stories, because they want to keep the Stephansdom the highest thing. So all these must be across the river, in the new and upcoming Vienna DC (Danube City).
This is what happens when you let an artist design your church...

...but it is pretty

And then there was food!
This is the famous Sacher hotel, where sachertorte was invented

And I finally drank a real Vienna Melange


  1. You look so cute and why is blueberry ice cream red? What a hip looking church. and really 80 stories they couldn't have gone like 10 and still be pretty tall.