Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monday Morning

So the Chocolate Museum was a bust... Their brochure says, "tours, mon - fri" but according to the mean lady that works there, that means "mon - thurs"...

Maybe we'll try again some this week, maybe not. Who knows?

I have decided, among many other small, but frustrating details, that someone did not think our trip through when they were planning everything. Check out time for the dorm is 10am. Our flight leaves at 6:45, which means we have to get on the train around 2:45am. There was a 50 euro key deposit that no one told us about, so on the way to the airport, I'll get a 50 euro bill back...

But what good is complaining? This trip was worth whatever inconveniences it comes with. Not to mention that it's not 112, or whatever it is back home! I'd take 50F and raining over a heat-pocalypse any day!

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