Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday 14

Today we learned about the Imperial Vienna. It feels like we are learning the Viennese history backwards. We went to the treasury, where the royal jewels and crowns and robes are. It was cool and very pretty, and the unicorn horn relics were a bit odd.

The Holy Roman Pimp Hat

...from a tender age, Napolean II was eternally plauged by his mysterious fear of bronze eagles

The Holy Roman Huge Emerald 

The Holy Roman Creepy Thing

The Holy Roman Portrait of Jesus During His Malraia Affliction - made with hummingbird feathers

Holy Roman Portrait of Mary with Severe Lazy Eyes

The Holy Roman Lion-Eating-A-Camel Coronation Robe

Holy Roman Look-at-mah-Bling Hat

Holy Roman Murder Impliment 

Holy Roman Unicorn Horn

The Holy Roman Dead-Golden-Sheep Club

Speaking of the Hapsburgs, the last one, Otto, died about the time we arrived. I have no idea if the American news would over such a thing, but the funeral is on Saturday and it will be a huge deal here. He and his wife, who died last year, will be buried in the Hapsburg crypt.

Speak of the devil; we also got to go into the crypts beneath St. Michael’s Church, where many of the wealthier people were buried. I was thoroughly uncomfortable, because there were several coffins open for tours to see, because they had accidentally created perfect mummies in this crypt.

Also, we decided to all split a thing of laundry detergent for the month. But Hillary bought it… and after we had all done our washing, realized it was actually fabric softener… And today during the tour, she was putting on “sunscreen” and the tour guide asked, “What are you doing that for? That’s for after you get sunburn…”

So we need to brush up on our German advertisement vocabulary…

Btw – the weather was much cooler and windy today. And it was kind enough to wait until 8:30 to start this super-loud, echo-y, lightning storm. Anna, now I know exactly what you meant about the blinding-thru-the-curtains lightning

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  1. Looks like it is time for you to get the bear mask sweety i see some interesting thing that would look great above the mantle